Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi there, just a reminder that if you are after a custom puppet - please email me at "" and we can discuss your puppet needs. Have a great day  ^___^


I recently worked with the great guys from The Far East Movement to create puppet look-a-likes of each of the band members. below is a photo of the band, All clothing was custom made . In the future they plan to use them for webisodes and any other fun things they can think of. Was a great project to work on. TURN UP THE LOVE !

CLICK HERE to see their first short video

Detective puppet

A recent client custom build, A full body detective puppet. The client asked is his eyes could be covered with the hat to make him look like a spy - then be able to lift the hat to reveal his eyes. The hat was attached with a pivot point and magnets to allow the detective to raise and lower his own hat.

Apart from his hat, all clothing was custom built.

BAMBINI music clip

Last week I had the opportunity to film a new Music clip for band Bambini - I created puppet versions of all the band members and performed them on the night of filming.

It was shot in a night club and follows the premise of "A tough night out in the city" which is also the song track. I will add the music video clip once it has been edited. Rock on 

below is there facebook page