Saturday, December 11, 2010


below is a link to a video clip I helped create, It's a remix of the "Bed Intruder" song which went viral a few months ago - click the link to see the puppet version.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Avenue Q puppets

Currently working on a set of Avenue Q puppets for an upcoming production of Avenue Q here in Australia, Here are some of the eyes I have been working on. I will try and post more photos as I go -

Monster puppet

Hi all below are a few basic steps for a puppet I recently sold on Ebay . Below is the first rough sketch I drew trying to decide what the puppet will look like - I try and stick to my designs when building.
Below is the body fur cut and ready to be sewn - next to the red fur is the pattern for the orange fur which runs down the front of the monster.
Below is the mouthplate covered in the black fabric, it also shows the pattern from which the foam will be cut to make the foam snout shape - which will be dyed before glueing.

Below is the pattern for the glove hands, the upper arm is attached about halfway down the arm and then connected at the shoulders.

Below is the completed fur body with the arms attached to the shoulders. The head and glove hands are next to be added.

Below is the snout area after being dyed and glued, also a design has been incorporated into the snout using a blue colour. You can also see one of the domes painted white which will be used for the eyes

Eyes and eyebags glued onto head, with black eyebrows ( not easy to see the black eyebrows in this photo)

Below is the finished puppet, ostrich feather was also added for hair and goatee.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ebay Puppet

Hi all! been busy lately no time for Ebay puppets - but finally I have completed a new green puppet for Ebay -

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Redo Gonzo

I have recently started my new gonzo replica again - I started a few months ago, using the gonzo poser as a guide - but I felt the eyes were too small when using the same size as the poser - so I have given him larger eyes - which I think look much more like the real gonzo. In this photo alot of it is just sitting in place - hopefully over the next few months I will be able to update him more. Unfortunately I dont have a lot of time lately to work on replicas.

Sea Otter Puppet Part 6

Here is the Sea Otter puppet finally finished, I must say he turned out better than expected.
He was an experiment in trying to make a cute animal puppet but steer away from the "Muppet" look - try and steer more into the cute animation style of animal. I will try and shoot a short video of him soon to show his movement. Hope you like him - now all I need to do is think of a name for him - any suggestions??

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sea Otter Puppet Part 5

Ok sea otter now has his nose, which is hand carved reticulated foam dyed, I am happy with the head.

Below are the sea otters hands with arm rods, its the same color antron fleece as the bridge on his snout area.

Below is the body shape , constructed from sheet foam. The body is made up of 5 segments.

Photo below is showing the reinforcement ring made from closed cell foam to help the body keeps its shape.

Sea Otter Puppet Part 4

Below is the Sea Otter with his eyes and ears attached, all is needed now is the nose to be dyed and the head is finished, next is moving onto the body.

Below is a side view of the eyes and ears, sea otters have cute little downward facing ears.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sea Otter Puppet Part 3

Foam skull has been constructed from sheet foam, Otter whiskers have been added.

Above shot of the foam skull, I find it useful at this point to draw on the skull the placement of the eyes and any other details so I can see if the design works in 3D.

The fur has been attached to the skull and trimmed around the face. also the top of his snout area has been covered with a dark brown Antron fleece.

Once the eyes have been sprayed white I place them on the head just to see if its all working out how I see it in my head - so far so good, next it the eye details and attaching eyes to head, and ears - then the head is complete.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sea Otter Puppet Part 2

Above is the pattern for the antron fleece covering for the snout area, also showing the antron sewn together and ready to be placed over the carved foam.

Above is the front view of the snout once the antron has been placed over the foam snout

side view of the antron covering, also shows mouthplate and two carved teeth. Now for the rest of the foam head construction.

Ebay puppet "Abraham" monster

below is a link to my latest Ebay puppet, Auction is only up for the next four days - check him out

Jarrod Boutcher Puppets on facebook

Now if you search on facebook you can become a fan of jarrod Boutcher Puppets - Become a fan today!

Sea Otter Puppet

Above is a sketch for a sea otter puppet I have been slowly working on over the past few months inbetween jobs. He has a hand carved snout and mouth area carved from a block of reticulated foam. Then covered with antron fleece, moutplate is seperate and has been attached into place.