Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monkey puppet on Ebay

Here is the latest puppet from Jarrod Boutcher Puppets for Ebay CLICK HERE to see many photos of this cute little guy

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alien puppet

Brand new puppet Alien rod puppet.CLICK HERE to see more photos on Ebay

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi everyone, So I have been recently working on a new Fozzie Bear puppet. Below are some photos of the puppet, I hope you like him .He has been completely hand made by myself including a hand built hat and tie with custom "fozzie bear tie" pattern.
Fozzie is one of my favorite puppets to build , he is actually quite tricky to get all the proportions correct ( without original patterns) He is certainly not just a bear with a hat and tie.
But the coolthis about this Fozzie is that he is a mini puppet :) - you can see him compared to my normal Fozzie head which I am still working on. Thats right this Fozzie puppet is only 10 inches tall - you can see how small he is next to the real size Fozzie. He was such fun to make. hope you guys like him. Have a great day.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Latest puppet for Ebay after my break away :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos of my new gonzo

Here are a few photos of my updated Gonzo, trying to make him look a little more like the current gonzo.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Redo Gonzo

Ok so I had a few spare hours today so I stripped my Gonzo I had started a while back. I took off his fur which I wasn't happy with and also his eyelids. I had treated some fur a while ago to look more like the new gonzo fur, I've never been happy with the "sherpa" style fur for gonzo ( even though its the fur they used on the MR gonzo replica) If you look at the real gonzo , its not the same kind of fabric. So I treated some fur and tried to replicate gonzo fur. The eyelids were more or less just replaced and new - no big alterations. I am pretty happy with the new head now its all been put together, I will try and take some photos over the next few days. Have a great day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

New YouTube trial

CLICK HERE to see the start of a new youtube character I'm trying - Jack the Monster. Videos will hopefully be up soon.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


CLICK HERE to see the listing of Sea Monster - includes a video at the bottom of the listing.

Have a great day



Four Armed Hoodie Sea Monster is finished . I'm really happy how he turned out ( although the four armed hoodie was a pain to make, it looks great! ) He has a mouth similar to Beaker from the Muppets and is quite flexible - I will make a video soon and post it.

ABOVE - Original sketch next to finished product , I think he is pretty faithful to the initial sketch.

Have a great day

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Update of four armed sea monster..ABOVE - side view of monster head
ABOVE - front view
ABOVE - Open mouth
ABOVE - arms attached and T-shirt , just needs his red hoodie - which I am still designing ( pattern looks weird with four arms :)

Have a great day

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi guys , CLICK HERE to see Wally the Wallaby - he works at the local Zoo .

Sunday, October 2, 2011


ABOVE is the spiderman shirt I custom made for the Baby Brother puppet. Most of the clothing used for my puppets are custom built. Clothing usually has to be custom built because of the size of childrens clothing , puppets usually have different proportions to children - so unfortunately childrens clothing can't be used for example puppets usually have a much wider neck than children and doesn't usually need to be as long as store bought clothing , as you can see by the spiderman t-shirt I recently built. Also to help show the tummy of the baby the front of the shirt has a slight rise in the middle to give the illusion of a fatter tummy.



BELOW - PUPPET ( and me)


Above is a video of the baby Brother puppet finished. The video shows his eyebrow mech which allows him to get angry and also his loose jaw. He has removable arm rods, posable fingers and posable toes. Entry if from the back which allows him to sit on your lap etc. He is also wearing custom made diaper and spiderman t-shirt. Overall I am happy with the way he has turned out from the amazing initial sketch that Eric Scales designed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today I started to clothe the baby brother puppet. He will be wearing a diaper and T-shirtABOVE - shows his diaper , made from cotton with wadding inside to give a puffy look to the diaper.
ABOVE - After patterning his T-shirt design I have made a spiderman designed T-shirt very similar to the original sketch that Eric drew. Still needs the ribbing around the top of the T-shirt and the spider logo in the middle of the T-shirt - but I actually really like it. I made the T-shirt slightly shorter at the front to show a little of the puppets tummy

Last Ebay puppet ( for a while)

I came across this design I drew a while ago, and have decided to make it into an Ebay puppet. Originally I wanted to use him for a webshow - but since then I have designed other characters. Im not sure why I wanted him to have four arms , but the idea has grown on me. Hopefully I will start him soon and show you all the finished puppet. Have a great day

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Check out my latest Ebay creation. He is a rod arm monster puppet. His hands and snout have been made from dyed reticulated foam and a shaggy red fur body. CLICK HERE to bid on him.

Have a great day

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I get asked a lot about where I get my eyes from for my puppets, the answer is there is no one place to buy puppet eyes. I have seen a few half dome eyes for sale over the years on the internet , but to be they have a "plastic" look to them - maybe its the shine of them. All of my eyes are custom made for each puppet, I use any plastic sphere or dome I can find from everyday products - I have even used a certain area of a juice container to help create the eye shape I was after. Lets say we want a half dome eye similar to kermit the Frogs eyes - Once you find the size you are after ( lets say for this example we are using a ping pong ball)
1) Cut the ping pong ball slightly larger than half ( so you will need a ball for each eye, not one ball cut in half)

2) Lightly sand the dome with the finest sandpaper you can buy, also sand off any logos etc
that the ping pong ball may have.

3) Once both are sanded, give them a light spray of undercoat to help with any inperfections
4) once the undercoat is dry give it another light sand - usually with a wet n dry sandpaper

5) Apply the second coat of undercoat, I always find the lighter the coat the better the end result will be.

6) Lightly sand once again, wipe the eye with a damp cloth to remove any dust from the sanding.

7) Apply a coat of either satin or flat white paint, once dry repeat.

Then you should have a fantastic pair of puppet eyes. This is meant for everyday puppets - puppets which will be used under either theatre lights or TV studio lights are treated differently to stop the whiteness of the eyes blowing out on screen, but that is a much more invloved process .

ABOVE - some of the eyes built for the production of Avenue Q that I worked on in 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Latest update for the baby brother puppet. All limbs have been finished and attached.ABOVE - Legs are attached to body using doll joints, allows the puppet to either sit or stand. The legs are made from sheet foam and covered with antron, the toes are posable - made the same as hands with a wire armature inside.
ABOVE - the arms have been connected to the body by the internal support, just needs the antron to be hand sewn. At this point the head is just sitting on the body to see if all the proportions are correct.
ABOVE - finally all parts are sewn together, starting to look like a baby.
ABOVE - Puppet is now finished ( apart from his clothing ) Eyes have been glued on , eyebrows and tongue have been attached. Now moving on to the clothing. His tuft of hair at the back is longer than it shows in the photo - I think the bright light behind his head has blown out the hair.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here is the latest puppet for Ebay from Jarrod Boutcher Puppets. He is a glove hand puppet , with an extremely loose jaw ( kind of like Oscar the grouch) very flexible. He has a carved foam tongue and custom built eyes. He is super light and super fun to operate.

Check him out CLICK HERE

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Quick update on baby boyABOVE - shows the hand pattern and the antron fleece hand all stitched up
ABOVE - Playing around with the placement of the nose surrounded by a gaggle of body parts :)

Monday, September 19, 2011


More updates for baby boy puppet.ABOVE - shows the pattern and fleece feet once they are sewn together ready to be placed over the foam structure.
ABOVE - are the arms with the antron fleece skin stitched on.
ABOVE - a pile of parts ready to be put together.
ABOVE - Is the head covered and stitched. ears have been added.
ABOVE - A foam carved tongue has been added into the mouth.


Next are the babies arms. Below are the patterns for the foam structure, because he is a baby I have given him plumper looking arms .BELOW - the foam glued together with a string through the middle which will be attached to the hand at one end and the body on the other to sop the arms from stretching once they are all put together.
Sorry this is a shorter post than usual - I have a few more updates to add but the photos are still in my camera, so hopefully I will add more in the coming days.
Have a great day

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Here are a few updates of the baby puppet project.
ABOVE - Closed cell foam skull because he will have an eyebrow mech inside , it just helps to keep the head shape better.
ABOVE - mouth plate and lower jaw attached ( lower jaw is carved foam) also the eyebrow mech has been connected to the inside of his head. Currently has black electrical tape on the eye brow mech so I can position everything correctly.
ABOVE - The dyed antron fleece pattern cut for the head. made it all in one piece to minimise the seams.
ABOVE - foam cheeks were added and skin stretched over skull ready to be hand stitched on.

Next update will show hands and arms and maybe more work on the head. Have a great day

Friday, September 16, 2011


I have added some photos of the recent construction of the trekkie geek.

ABOVE AND BELOW - Antron head and hands - closed cell foam body to help keep his shape.
BELOW - Working from my original sketch, I always find that my initial sketches has a certain character and spirit that I try and keep while I'm building them.