Wednesday, March 30, 2011


If you have any suggestions for links - e.g other puppet builders or designers that you like - leave me a comment with their websites - and if they are interesting enough I will add them to my links on the right. :)


His body has been made with sheet closed cell foam, I have made him so that he will be able to detach his head from body with velcro - and I have made the body big enough for the head to store inside the body - to save on space as he is a rather large puppet.

Not a very exciting photo but these are his hands , they will be sewn onto the lining of the arm sleeves then inserted into the hoodie sleeves.

Below is his hoodie I have made - still needs the zipper and cuffs / waist band . It's the same pattern I used to make Nicky from Avenue Q's hoodie , I just made it a little bigger around the stomach.

Here we have him partly assembled, still no arms. Still haven't decided if I like the sideways cap yet - I may give him ears and hair yet.

Just another angle of the pig, I am actually really happy with him - one of those puppets that really comes alive once to put him on.

I will try and give more updates as I finish him.....

Have a great day :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi guys, time for some heavy cleaning here at JB Puppets - I have a lot of new stock arriving shortly and must make room - that means making more space and selling my puppets. I you have seen a puppet on my blog that I may still have (e.g. not one I have made for Ebay as they always sell) and make me an offer - If I still have the puppet - I may be selling it , ask me - email me at with the details - lets make some room guys!!!! haha

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hamming it up

Ok so I always try and experiment with different shapes for puppets, usually my heads are patterned from sheet foam ( I seem to enjoy creating 3D shapes from sheet foam) but every now and then I will experiment and carve a head. Which brings me to my latest project, a pig that likes to eat. After sculpting the head I then created the fleece pattern and covered his head with Antron fleece. I also added an eyebrow mech - his eyes can look excited as the top eyelids raise, almost as if he has seen and "all you can eat" sign .

My ideas keep changing for his character - firstly he was designed to be a chef, but now I like the idea of him being a college student so I will make him a hoodie and he will wear a backwards cap. Hopefully soon I will have another progress update, but he is a labor of love inbetween client orders. Have a great day

Marc the blogger on Ebay


Monday, March 21, 2011

Avenue Q in local newspaper

Below is a recent article about the Avenue Q production I was a part of recently

Marc the Blogger

Below are a few construction photos of Marc, below is his "skin" once it was patterned and sewn together. The heads are better off hand sewn to hide the seams better.

Below is the foam head made from reticulated foam and a timber mouthplate for added strength.

Next two photos are with the "skin now place over the foam skull, the only place where the "skin" is attached to the skull is around the mouth.

And that is where I forgot to keep taking progress shots, but below are the finished puppet.

I hope this answers a few questions in regards to covering puppet heads with fleece.

Marc the web Blogger

Above is a short video for a puppet I recently built

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Avenue Q puppets

Below are a few photos for a recent production of Avenue Q , which I was a part of - I was puppet builder , puppet trainer , Trekkie Monster and Assistant Director.

Lucy the Slut and Bad Idea Bear

The set, I helped detail the set

Kate Monster on top of Empire State Building

Trekkie Monster and Kate Monster (internet is for porn)

Kate Monster, Princeton and Lucy the Slut in hospital

Nicky, Brian, Rod, Christmas Eve, Kate Monster, Gary Coleman and Princeton

Princeton and Nicky ( Money Song)


Below is a link to my latest Ebay puppet