Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monster puppet

Hi all below are a few basic steps for a puppet I recently sold on Ebay . Below is the first rough sketch I drew trying to decide what the puppet will look like - I try and stick to my designs when building.
Below is the body fur cut and ready to be sewn - next to the red fur is the pattern for the orange fur which runs down the front of the monster.
Below is the mouthplate covered in the black fabric, it also shows the pattern from which the foam will be cut to make the foam snout shape - which will be dyed before glueing.

Below is the pattern for the glove hands, the upper arm is attached about halfway down the arm and then connected at the shoulders.

Below is the completed fur body with the arms attached to the shoulders. The head and glove hands are next to be added.

Below is the snout area after being dyed and glued, also a design has been incorporated into the snout using a blue colour. You can also see one of the domes painted white which will be used for the eyes

Eyes and eyebags glued onto head, with black eyebrows ( not easy to see the black eyebrows in this photo)

Below is the finished puppet, ostrich feather was also added for hair and goatee.

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