Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the kind emails lately about my work - it's always encouraging to here that I'm doing good work. A quick note about custom puppets, I have been overloaded with requests lately for custom puppets and trying to slowly get through them all - so I apologise if it takes a while to respond.

To speed up answering it would really help if your email was more specific of what you are after, it's actually quite hard to quote when the email is " how much for a puppet?" - it would be like walking into a car yard and saying " how much for a car?" there are many different types and sizes which need to be taken into account when building a puppet. So a detailed description , sketch or photo would be much appreciated. As I may quote say $700 - but if you give me an idea of exactly what you are after - it may only be $300 . So email away :)


have a great day!

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