Monday, August 29, 2011

making of a recent puppet

Below are a few photos of a puppet I recently built for sale on Ebay. I was going to take more photos but got carried away and forgot. but you can still see a little of how he was built.

ABOVE: The body - to give a stripey effect 24 separate pieces were sewn together. The body has a cone shape to it so all pieces are on a slight angle to create the cone shape. A similar design was made for the structure of the body , in the structure cone three "hoops" of boning was used to keep the round shape.
ABOVE: Head and Eyes - Head has a reticulated foam skull , the nose has wadding and a light weight ( teddy bear beads) in the tip of the nose to give it some weight. The eyes were custom made by joining two spheres together then a 5 layer spray paint. Ears and hair was added later.
ABOVE: Arms - The arms were made the same as the body with strips of fur sewn together. The arms were left empty to give a floppy look , the hands were made from reticulated foam wire wire inside so they are posable.

ABOVE : Nosey Monster - Finished product. This puppet was made from 40 separate pieces of fur to give the stripey effect. A lot of pre planning goes into designing and patterning puppets such as Nosey Monster.

Hope this have given you a small insight into how I produce my puppets.

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