Saturday, September 24, 2011


Latest update for the baby brother puppet. All limbs have been finished and attached.ABOVE - Legs are attached to body using doll joints, allows the puppet to either sit or stand. The legs are made from sheet foam and covered with antron, the toes are posable - made the same as hands with a wire armature inside.
ABOVE - the arms have been connected to the body by the internal support, just needs the antron to be hand sewn. At this point the head is just sitting on the body to see if all the proportions are correct.
ABOVE - finally all parts are sewn together, starting to look like a baby.
ABOVE - Puppet is now finished ( apart from his clothing ) Eyes have been glued on , eyebrows and tongue have been attached. Now moving on to the clothing. His tuft of hair at the back is longer than it shows in the photo - I think the bright light behind his head has blown out the hair.

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