Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi everyone, So I have been recently working on a new Fozzie Bear puppet. Below are some photos of the puppet, I hope you like him .He has been completely hand made by myself including a hand built hat and tie with custom "fozzie bear tie" pattern.
Fozzie is one of my favorite puppets to build , he is actually quite tricky to get all the proportions correct ( without original patterns) He is certainly not just a bear with a hat and tie.
But the coolthis about this Fozzie is that he is a mini puppet :) - you can see him compared to my normal Fozzie head which I am still working on. Thats right this Fozzie puppet is only 10 inches tall - you can see how small he is next to the real size Fozzie. He was such fun to make. hope you guys like him. Have a great day.

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