Wednesday, March 30, 2011


His body has been made with sheet closed cell foam, I have made him so that he will be able to detach his head from body with velcro - and I have made the body big enough for the head to store inside the body - to save on space as he is a rather large puppet.

Not a very exciting photo but these are his hands , they will be sewn onto the lining of the arm sleeves then inserted into the hoodie sleeves.

Below is his hoodie I have made - still needs the zipper and cuffs / waist band . It's the same pattern I used to make Nicky from Avenue Q's hoodie , I just made it a little bigger around the stomach.

Here we have him partly assembled, still no arms. Still haven't decided if I like the sideways cap yet - I may give him ears and hair yet.

Just another angle of the pig, I am actually really happy with him - one of those puppets that really comes alive once to put him on.

I will try and give more updates as I finish him.....

Have a great day :)

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