Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hamming it up

Ok so I always try and experiment with different shapes for puppets, usually my heads are patterned from sheet foam ( I seem to enjoy creating 3D shapes from sheet foam) but every now and then I will experiment and carve a head. Which brings me to my latest project, a pig that likes to eat. After sculpting the head I then created the fleece pattern and covered his head with Antron fleece. I also added an eyebrow mech - his eyes can look excited as the top eyelids raise, almost as if he has seen and "all you can eat" sign .

My ideas keep changing for his character - firstly he was designed to be a chef, but now I like the idea of him being a college student so I will make him a hoodie and he will wear a backwards cap. Hopefully soon I will have another progress update, but he is a labor of love inbetween client orders. Have a great day

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