Monday, October 13, 2008

Here a few photos I took of my workbench today - still pretty messy I guess, it's clean when I'm not making puppets ( which is not very often). The foam body parts you see are for a cranky man puppet I am building at the moment. The Arms are reticulated foam with leather joints. The hands have wire armature - they with have removable rods. The head is also reticulated foam, the top half of his head is closed cell foam as he has an eyebrow mech - i find it keeps the head shape better and gives you something to attach the eyebrow mech to. His mouthplate is dyed reticulated foam for flexibilty . Once all the foam structure for his body is finished I will then cover him in Antron Fleece.
Also on the workbench is my Oscar the Grouch puppet - just fixing up his internal ribbing. Also building a Nicky puppet (from Avenue Q) . Also in the top photo is a lion puppet.

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