Thursday, October 23, 2008

Muppet Whatnots have arrived

Well the Muppet whatnots have arrived at F.A.O.Schwarz - well online anyway at

They are $90US each, you have three body options - blue,orange and green. There are several choices for eyes and noses etc which you get you pick and choose which one you would lik eyour Whatnot to have. Ok now they seem to be Ok for someone just getting into puppetry or a Muppet collector , But If you have always wanted your own professional puppet i'm afraid these are not what you are looking for. Now here is something I have noticed, the top picture shows the Whatnots when they where advertising before they were released , and the photo below that I from the catalog - there are BIG differences as far as i can see just by looking at the two photos. Number one is that the first puppets seemed to be made from Antron fleece ( the same as the REAL Whatnots) whereas the ones for sale seem to be a different fabric ( seams galore!). Secondly the first photo shows the puppets to have hard mouthplates in them whereas the others seem to maybe have soft foam mouths, and thirdly the eyes and noses seemed in much better proportion to the head than the ones in the catalog photo. Of course this is just my opinion from looking at the photos - hopefully they will be much better in person ( much like thr MR replicas)

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