Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Muppet replicas

Hi there All, I get ALOT of emails each week ( like atleast 20) of people after Muppet Character puppets. So I thought I would use this Blog to explain to everyone why I don't sell these puppets. The first and most important reason is due to copyright laws - thats the big one, secondly I mainly make Muppet replicas as a hobby - I find them (most of the time) to be a challenge. Everytime I make a replica I find out a new or better way of making a particular part of a puppet. And last of all I don't really want to spend my days creating puppets of someone elses design - I enjoy being able to create original designs and seeing them put to good use. So I hope this explains it alittle better ( and my email is 20 emails less a week now)

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